Mental Health Resource Guide

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General Resources for Support with Mental Health, Depression, and Suicide

A note for people experiencing crisis outside of the US: If you reach out to a hotline/crisis line and ask for international resources, they can usually give them to you

Community Support for Mental Health and Wellness

Hearing Voices Network

Finding a Therapist

Tools to Support Yourself and Others through Crisis, Depression, and Suicidal Thoughts

9 Best Ways to Support Someone During Depression, Psych Central

Workplace Mental Wellness

Resources on navigating workplace accommodations and building wellness into org culture.

Employee Rights and Accommodations

Succeeding at Work, National Alliance of Mental Illness

For Individuals and Org Leaders

Rituals At Work: 10 Simple Workplace Wellness Practices to Spark Your (Inner & Outer) Success by Courtney Cobbs



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Amanda Gelender

Amanda Gelender

🪐 Abolitionist, writer, & psychedelic 🍄 facilitator at Jewish queer anti-zionist 🇵🇸 From the Bay (Ohlone land) living in NL